EM6812- Multi I/O, Flash-based MCU

Ultra low power 8bit Flash Microcontroller. Up to 2.5 MIPS, brownout detection, powercheck functions, fast wake-up from standby - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM6812 is designed to be battery operated for extended lifetime applications. Brownout and powercheck functions ensure reliable operation at or near undervoltage conditions, offering greater reliability in complex operation modes. Each of the 16 I/Os is freely programmable and the microcontroller has a dual quartz and trimmable RC oscillator up to 10MHz. It has an 8-bit RISC architecture specially designed for very low power consumption. With 2 clocks per instruction, EM6812 executes up to 2.5 MIPS and achieves an astonishing 2200 MIPS/Watt at 3V and 10MHz.


  • Metering
  • Heat Cost Allocation
  • Smoke detector
  • Security
  • Body care
  • Sports
  • Computer peripherals, Bluetooth chipset
  • Automotive: tire pressure monitor, dashboard cluster



• Green mold / leadfree package
• True low current: - 120 µA active mode
                                - 6 µA standby mode, RC on
                                - 0.8 µA standby mode, RC off
• Up to 2.5 MIPS
• On-chip brownout detection
• Powercheck functions at start-up
• 8-level Supply Voltage Level Detection (SVLD)
• Fast wake-up from standby mode
• 16 fully configurable I/Os (pull-up, pull-down, N-channel open drain)
• 4 high currents outputs, up to 20 mA
• Wide supply voltage range 2 V to 5.5 V
• Flash read monitor
• Dual mode quartz and RC oscillators: 1 MHz to 10 MHz RC, 32768 Hz crystal or external clock source
• 8-bit CoolRISC architecture, 16 registers, 200 ns instruction cycle time, 2 clock per instruction
• Power-On-Reset and watchdog
• Various Flash memory size: 2k x 22 bit (5.6k Byte)
                                                4k x 22 bit (11.2k Byte)
                                                8k x 22 bit (22.5k Byte)
• Fully static 512B or 256B RAM, Low power 12B RAM, Dual port 4B RAM
• Internal and external interrupts
• Frequency generator
• PWM functions
• 8/16-bit timer
• Prescaler: 10-bit RC divider, 15-bit crystal divider
• SPI interface, UART programmable by software
• Small 24-pin TSSOP and SO packages (leadfree)

Easy to use emulator with full debug functions, full peripheral integration, C-compiler
Windows-based software programs
Programmer from different vendors
Dedicated team of engineers for outstanding support

LCD Driver/Controller Tools

EMDB6126 Standalone Demokit based on a EM6126 LCD driver/controller interfaced by a EM6812 microcontroller


This demo board is a kit showing the capabilities of EM6812 8-bit microcontroller. With this demoboard you can develop your application and build first prototypes.
It can be easily programmed with the Elnec programmer and the ISP programming cable.
Please contact EM Microelectronic for tools development availability.

EME6812 (emulator)
The EME68xx microcontroller development system is a set of software and hardware tools used for the development of applications for the EM68xx 8-bit microcontrollers from EM Microelectronic.

The development system offers a complete, integrated working environment, allowing project definition, editing, C-coding, assembly, linking, and debbugging based on a powerful in-circuit emulator.

For evaluating and trial purpose, the complete software tool chain is available on demand. It includes the compiler (GNU), the WinIDEA integrated development environment, project definition and documentation. It allows the user to generate his code without any limitations.

How to measure Capacitor / Resistor on EM68xx (271.89 KB)271.89 KB
UART Monitor example on EM68xx (353.73 KB)353.73 KB
EM68xx as I2C Master device (304.03 KB)304.03 KB
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