An on-demand fusion of technologies for tailor-made solutions

EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra-low power, low voltage integrated circuits (IC) for battery-operated and field-powered applications across diverse consumer and automotive industries.

EM Microelectronic goes beyond standard and application-specific ICs (ASIC), offering system solutions and modules for applications such as: access control; radio frequency identification; mobile phones; mass-market consumer appliances; alarm and security systems; utility and heating meters; sensor signal processing; controlling; car immobilization; electronic automotive subsystems; and much more.

  • In-house manufacturing

    In-house manufacturing

  • On-demand Customization

    On-demand Customization

  • custom-made Modules

    custom-made Modules


The power of perpetual energy

We create technology for wearables that can literally power themselves forever, by effectively turning ambient light or body heat into operational energy, enough to power and manage data collection and wireless communication.

Energy harvesting
Power management
Energy storage


Architects of the first mass-market wearable electronic device: the wristwatch!

Originally founded to design, develop and produce integrated circuits specifically for electronic watches – the first mass-market wearable electronic devices – we have invariably focused on creating user interfaces with the lowest possible power and voltage consumption.

We deliver the technologies to drive the capacitive tactile interface of the Tissot T-Touch – launched 7 years before the first iPhone. We supply the technology for the always-on tactile display of the Swatch Touch.

Tactile technologies
Computer peripherals
Motion sensing


Context-aware devices, a key for autonomy.

Continuous advances in our range of optoelectronic ICs have established us as a world leader in Photons-to-Information circuitry. In order to achieve the optimal cost-to-performance balance, our Smart-Sensor products embed complex signal processing onto the same IC or pixel elements as its photo-sensors.

Sensor interfaces


Interconnecting objects, devices and users any possible way.

EM Microelectronic is a world-class supplier of ultra-low power radio-frequency technologies. Our products address a variety of applications including industrial connectivity, wireless sensor nodes, Internet of Things (IoT), and radio frequency identification (RFID).

RF Technologies
RF Long Range Communication
Connected Modules & Beacons


Our DNA: high-precision timekeeping!

As pioneers in high-precision, time-accurate solutions, we have come a long way since introducing the world's first electronic watch 40 years ago to being the number one supplier of timing circuits and components to distinguished watch brands today. We represent one out of three integral companies in the Swatch Group Electronic Systems segment, with primary mission and expertise closely linked to timekeeping technology and knowhow.

Durability & long-term reliability

Smart Processing

Every device has a function… we make it come alive!

In the age of ubiquitous computing, more and more even the smallest, simplest devices need to be networked, distributed and transparently accessible. They exhibit context awareness and interact with their environment. With the absolute minimal energy, our tailor-made solution aims to decentralize exactly the required processing power to enable your Internet of Things (IoT) application.

Wearables technologies
Cryptography and security