em | bleu (EM9305)- Standard Protocols


Press release


What is it?

em | bleu is a versatile single chip Bluetooth Low Energy solution for the smallest and lowest power consumption connected devices. In a market with billions of Bluetooth devices sold every year, em | bleu stands out for:

  • As small as a pen tip, EM9305 is the smallest Bluetooth LE chip that will fit anywhere.
  • True Ultra Low Power performance for sustainable lightweight applications, always ready-to-use.
  • Robust RF performance for transferring large amounts of data in noisy environments, and over long distances;
  • Cost-effective implementations with a small bill of materials (BOM).

In a few words

  • True Ultra Low Power for long device lifetime with coin or button-cell batteries, and applications based on energy harvesting:
  • Versatile communication protocols.
  • Smallest footprint.
  • Smallest BOM.
  • Easily integrated in small devices.

What are the applications?

  • Health & Wellness
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Computers Peripherals, Gaming & Entertainment
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Direction Finding
  • Smart Agriculture and Industry

But technically how does it work?

  • EM9305 can be used both as a standalone System-on-Chip (SoC) , or as companion IC solution embedding any ASIC or application MCU.
  • Your custom application running on an ultra-low power 32-bit ARC processor
  • DSP and floating-point units can optimize advanced algorithms for audio codecs and sensor fusion.
  • Low-power serial interfaces (SPI, I2C, I2S, and UART) communicate with external sensors, memory, display, or touch drivers.  
  • EM9305 can directly be connected to a USB port of a PC. 
  • Bluetooth 5.4 link layer, Host Controller Interface (HCI), stack, profiles and services.

EM9305 includes a sophisticated on-chip power management system supporting 1.5V or 3V batteries, and can be directly powered from an attached 5V USB port. It can operate down to 1V, which is perfect for energy harvesting applications. An inductor-less mode for 1.5V batteries can help further reduce the BOM. All 64kB of RAM memory can be kept in retention during sleep, or in 4kB increments to optimize leakage. A stable, low-power low-frequency oscillator minimizes power consumption while in a connected state or RTC operation. Current consumption is minimized for all modes of the application utilizing an efficient scheduler and memory manager.

EM9305 features a state-of-the-art 2.4GHz transceiver: a low-power receiver with excellent sensitivity/selectivity, and a programmable transmitter for optimized output power and energy consumption. For long range or difficult enclosures or antenna designs, the transmitter can be programmed up to +10dBm output power.

The PCB footprint and cost are minimized with a very low external component count and several package options. The circuit is offered in a WLCSP23 wafer level chip-scale package, a plastic QFN-28 package, and bare die/wafer form. The device and reference design are available over the industrial temperature range.


Energy efficient, industry standard, ARC EM7D, 32-bit MCU with DMA and Cache for minimum power consumption

  • DSP and FPU for signal processing
  • 64kB ROM for secure boot
  • 512kB flash memory for protocol and applications
  • 64kB data/instruction RAM, all retainable starting from 4kB
  • 48MHz MCU and memory-read speed
  • Full Speed USB, UART, I2C, I2S/TDM and SPI interfaces
  • ADC
  • 12 GPIO on QFN, 10 GPIO on WLCSP

Bluetooth 5.4 Implementation and upgradable

  • High Data Rate (HDR) and Long Range (LR) support
  • Periodic Advertising with Response (PAwR) support
  • SPI, UART, and USB HCI transportation layers

Sophisticated Power Management System

  • Digital step up/down DCDC operation
  • supporting 1.1-3.6V
  • Inductor-less voltage multiplier mode for minimal BOM
  • Direct power from 5V USB port
  • Low frequency RC or 32kHz crystal oscillator time base

Security Features

  • True Random Number Generator
  • AES-128 Hardware Encryption/Decryption Engine
  • Key Generation (ECC-P256)
  • Secure Key Containers
  • Secure lifecycle management

Low Current Consumption at 3V

  • 3.1mA typical receiver current
  • 3.4mA typical transmitter current at 0dBm
  • 390nA Bluetooth LE sleep mode with XTAL (4kB RAM retention)
  • 200nA in deep sleep mode (no RAM retention)
  • 7.5nA in disable mode

High Performance RF

  • -94/-97/-103dBm RX sensitivity for 2Mbps/1Mbps/125kbps modes and 37 byte payload
  • -57dBm to +10dBm transmitter output power range

Low Component Count and Cost

  • Single ended antenna pin with matching network
  • Minimal DC component network
  • 48MHz XTAL, and optional 32kHz XTAL
  • QFN-28 (4x4mm), WLCSP23 (1.8x1.8mm), bare-die/wafer

Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C


  • WLCSP23 1.8x1.8mm, 10 GPIO
  • QFN28 4x4mm, 12 GPIO
  • Die/Wafer