RV-3029-C3- Real Time Clocks - Modules

Real Time Clock Module with I2C-Bus - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The RV-3029-C3 is an ultra-miniature Real-Time-Clock Module with embedded Crystal. This RTC has an I2C Bus (2-wire Serial-Interface) and offers temperature compensated time. The STC-Smart Temperature Compensation is calibrated in the factory and leads to a very high time-accuracy of ± 6ppm from -40°C to+85°C and ± 8ppm from -40°C to +125°C.

Beside standard RTC functions, it includes a Backup Battery Input with internal switchover function, a programmable Trickle-charge circuitry, an integrated Temperature Sensor with digital-output and offers 8 Bytes RAM and 2 Bytes EEPROM for customer's application.

The calendar function tracks year and leap -year flags. The clock tracks second, minute and hour in 24-hour format. Programmable alarm setting and universal timer functions increase flexibility.

For pick-and-place equipment, the parts are available in 12 mm tape: 7" (178 mm) reel with 1'000 parts or reel with 3'000 parts.


  • Extremely Accurate RTC Module with embedded Xtal
  • I2C Interface
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Miniature SMD ceramic package, RoHS compliant and 100% leadfree
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RV-3029-C3-TB-QA-Opt.BAvailable on demand--Order now
RV-3029-C3-TB-QA-Opt.AAvailable on demand--Order now
RV-3029-C3-TA-QC-Opt.BAvailable on demand--Order now
RV-3029-C3-TA-QC-Opt AAvailable on demand--Order now

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