EM8900- PMU & DC Energy Harvesting Controller

Ultra-Low Voltage DCDC Boost Converter for Thermal Electrical Generators - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM8900 is an integrated ultra-low power DCDC converter specifically designed for the Thermal Electrical Generators (TEG). The device starts and operates autonomously with an input voltage of as low as 5mV in the μW to mW range. No additional supply voltage is required to start the DCDC.

This ultra-low voltage operating level allows using a TEG with a low Seebeck coefficient, thus reducing its mechanical size and cost.

The boost converter is inductive and uses a standard transformer, such as the LPR6235 series by Coilcraft.

The EM8900, coupled with the EM8502, offers a complete power management solution including the thermal energy harvesting, the energy storage supervising and the supply outputs controlling.


  • Thermal electrical generator harvesting
  • Wearable devices supplied by the body heat
  • Beacons and wireless sensor networks
  • Industrial and environmental monitoring
  • Battery operated platforms



  • Ultra-low voltage DCDC operating and starting-up down to Vin = 5mV without help from external supply
  • Optimized for low-cost and small TEG’s
  • Compatible with standard transformer from the market
  • Adapted to the EM8502 for a complete power management solution


EM8900 Data Sheet (1.34 MB)1.34 MB

The EM8900 ultra-low DCDC converter is specifically designed for the Thermal Electrical Generators (TEG) and integrated energy harvesting.

EM Microelectronic provides the EMEVB8900 development tool to easily implement intelligent powered application based on the EM8900. The EMEVB8900 is used for evaluation and prototyping.


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