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EMEVB8900 Evaluation board

General Description

The EM8900 is an integrated ultra-low power DCDC converter specifically designed for the Thermal Electrical Generators (TEG). The device starts and operates autonomously with an input voltage of as low as 5mV in the μW to mW range.

The EM8900, coupled with the EM8502, offers a complete power management solution including the thermal energy harvesting, the energy storage supervising and the supply outputs controlling.

The EMEVB8900 is the development tool used for the evaluation and prototyping of EM8900 the ultra-low DCDC converter specifically designed for the Thermal Electrical Generators (TEG) and integrated energy harvesting solutions. The EMEVB8900 consists of a flexible board existing in different configurations (from wearable to industrial applications). It can be easily combined with EM8502 development tools.


  • Suitable for various application use
  • Available in different versions: mid-range, wearable, industrial application or easily configurable
  • High efficiency at low power level
  • Expansion headers for TEG and application
  • Suitable connection to EMEVB8502 and EMDVK8502
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