EM6819- Multi I/O, Flash-based MCU

Sub-1V (0.6V) 8bit Flash MCU DC-DC Converter, EEPROM - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM6819 is designed to be battery operated for extended lifetime applications. Its large voltage range from 3.6V down to 0.9V makes it a perfect match for today‟s demanding applications. Brownout and powercheck functions ensure reliable operation at or near undervoltage conditions, offering greater reliability in complex operation modes. Each of the 24 I/Os are freely programmable and the microcontroller has a dual quartz and trimmable RC oscillator up to 15MHz. It has an 8-bit RISC architecture specially designed for very low power consumption. With 2 clocks per instruction, the EM6819 executes up to 7.5 MIPS at 15MHz and achieves astonishing 4000 MIPS/Watt.

Overview of the 0.9V Ultra Low Voltage 8bit Flash EM6819 product family


The EM6819 Tool Kit  offers a complete, flexible and affordable software & hardware development solution for the EM6819 family


  •  Metering
  •  Safety and Security devices
  •  Heat Cost Allocation
  •  Sensor Interfaces, Smoke detector
  •  Security
  •  Body care
  •  Sports
  •  Computer peripherals, Bluetooth chipset
  •  Wireless

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  • Runs down to 0.6V with enabled DCDC and still 10mA load current
  • True low current: typ 140uA at 3V, 1 MIPS
  • Up to 7.5 MIPS at 15MHz
  • DC-DC converter using just external coil and capacitor
  • On-chip brownout detection
  • PowerCheck functions at start-up