EMEVB8502- Power Management Tools & Support

EMEVB8502 Evaluation Board - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM8502 is an ultra-low power PMU dedicated to solar cell in series (up to 4.2V). As all EM8500 family members it provides a versatile battery and power supply management, including an external DC charging compatible with a USB supply. As well the EM8502 has a unique dual storage feature allowing an extremely fast start-up in all conditions.

The EMEVB8502 (EM8502 flavor of the EMEVB8500 family kit) is the entry-level development tool used for the evaluation and prototyping of EM8502 integrated energy harvesting solutions.
The EMEVB8502 consists of a flexible board with various configurations.
It is possible to select the internal or external storage element and to easily connect a harvester, external storage elements and the application.
The user can choose the internal elements (supercap, wake-up button …) or combine with external elements (harvester, dual storage components …)

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