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Real Time Clock Module with I2C-Bus, Ultra Low Power - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The RV-8803-C7 is a high accuracy, ultra-low power Real-Time-Clock Module with embedded 32.768 kHz Crystal. High accuracy, high stability is achieved by factory calibrated, temperature compensated DTCXO and results to time-accuracy of ± 3.0 ppm across the temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

Standard Clock & Calendar function tracks second, minute, hour in 24-hour format, year and leap -year flags. Beside standard RTC function like Timer & Alarm, it includes integrated Temperature Sensor, Time Stamp Event Input and User RAM and offers I2C-bus (2-wire Interface).

RV-8803-C7 is the smallest and offers the lowest current consumption among all temperature compensated RTC modules.

For pick-and-place equipment, the parts are available in 12 mm tape:  7” (178 mm) reel with 1'000 parts and reel with 3'000 parts.


  • Extremely Accurate RTC Module with embedded Quartz Crystal
  • Ultra-Low Power consumption I2C Interface
  • Temperature Compensation:

Temperature            Time Deviation

0°C to +50°C            ± 0.13 s/day ± 1.5 ppm

-40°C to +85°           ± 0.26 s/day ± 3.0 ppm

  • Miniature SMD ceramic Package, ROHS compliant and 100% lead free
  • Lowest current consumption & smallest temperature compensated RTC Module!
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