Social and environmental responsibility

As a Swiss company with a watchmaking DNA and with a core activity in ultra-low power microelectronics, we have been at the forefront of our societal drive for sustainability for more than 45 years.

Loyal to this credo and to this core specialty we are proud of, it is time for us to move things to the next level and share our sustainability vision and commitments not only with our employees, but also with our partners, customers, suppliers and the general public, with the desire to contribute to the momentum of our entire industry in this direction.


Mission statement

Vision, mission and values

We enable green, high-performance, user-friendly devices with Swiss-quality microelectronics that make our customers unique via long-term, sustainable partnerships and proximity.

Our primary purpose is to support Swatch Group's strategic ambitions in the electronics space. Building on our watchmaking DNA and our unique Swiss industrial footprint, we serve numerous other applications requiring ultra-low energy consumption, extremely small size and high-performance processing.

Thanks to our advanced customization capabilities and long-term partnerships, we enable our customers to be unique in very competitive markets.

Social and environmental responsibility

We are committed to promoting environmental and social awareness and best practices across our supply chain. Our business partners adhere to our Social and Environmental Responsibility Code of Conduct, based on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). Through our creativity and entrepreneurship, we aim at proactively contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, addressing global environmental challenges and moving towards more sustainable products and new circular economy models. It is our way to stay connected to the next generations: preserving our environment, human health and driving positive changes for the benefit of our customers, employees and future generations.

Sustainability commitment

Good health and well-being

We aim to minimize risks of negative impact of our activites on people health.

Quality education

We help our employees to develop their competency through continuous training programs.

Clean water and sanitation

We aim to increase efficiency in the use of water resources.

We are committed to treat all our wastewater and maximize its recycling.

Affordable and clean energy

We deploy programs to increase the energy efficiency of all our activites.

We aim to increase the proportion of green energies.

Decent work and economic growth

We focus on providing quality and safe employment throughout our extended supply chain.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We foster open innovation with a wide range of universities, companies and researchers all over the world.

Responsible consumption and production

We work to minimize our waste in landfill, reduce consumption of chemicals and eliminate hazardous materials.

Climate action

We deploy programs to reduce our GHG emissions.

Partnership for the goals

We work with universities and companies to boost sustainbility in our technology and products.

We screen 100% of our new high-risk suppliers using social and environmental criteria