EM1344- Timing & Clock Circuits

CMOS Circuit for Analog Quartz Clocks with Bipolar Stepping Motor Drive - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The H1344 is a low power 32kHz analog clock integrated circuit designed in CMOS technology to drive a bipolar stepping motor. A set of capacitors is provided on chip to be
connected, in any combination, to the two oscillator terminals, with a maximum total capacitance of 48pF. Both the motor pulse period and the motor pulse width are maskprogrammable (see page 6 for already available options).
For versions v143 and v221, the TEST1 and TEST2 pins are only for test and must not be used in the application.


  • Stepper Motor Driver for time-switches
  • Analog clocks


  • 32kHz quartz oscillator
  • Integrated capacitors, mask selectable
  • Single battery operation
  • 0.7 uA typical current consumption
  • Low resistance outputs for bipolar stepping motor
  • Mask options for pad designation, motor period and pulse width, alarm frequency, modulation and duty cycle
  • Alarm output function compatible with either NPN or PNP-driver transistors
  • Alarm input function
  • 1024Hz output on ALIN pad for oscillator frequency verification
  • Fast test function
  • ESD protected terminals
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