EM7180DVK- Sensor Fusion Tools & Support

EM7180DVK Development Kit - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM7180DVK is the perfect development tool used for the evaluation and prototyping of Sensor Fusion Platform module (SFP) solutions.

The EM7180DVK consists of a flexible Standard Application Board Rev 2 (SABv2) featuring a Sensor Fusion Platform module, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module and an ARM Cortex M3 host processor.

This hardware platform, combined with example firmware applications, gives developers a head-start on product development.

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Hardware Main Features

  • EM7180SFP
  • Powerfull Host MCU
  • EM Bluetooth Low Energy HCI module
  • DataFlash device for PC-accessible file system
  • USB connector
  • Serial communication port with USB Serial Converter
  • High resolution current measurement circuit

Software Main Features

  • Host Application Toolkit API
  • Command line utilities
  • Support for EM7180SFP I2C access
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Monitoring and measurement tools
  • Various application and demos
  • 3D-cube demo

For additional support please contact emmicroelectronic or visit our emdeveloper forum.