EM4097- RF Reader ICs, LF Animal & Access ICs

Read/Write Analog Front End IC with Serial μC Interface for usage in 125/134.2 kHz RFID Basestation Applications - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM4097 (previously named P4097) chip is a CMOS integrated transceiver circuit intended for use in an RFID basestation to perform the following functions:

  • Antenna driving with carrier frequency to transfer energy to the transponder
  • Data transfer to writable transponder by amplitude modulation (ASK) of the field (100% modulation ratio, called OOK, “on”-“off” keying)
  • Data transfer from transponder by amplitude- or phase demodulation (ASK or PSK)
  • μC Interface to communicate with a microprocessor


  • Animal ID reader
  • Hand held Low Frequency reader


  • Integrated PLL system to achieve self adaptive carrier frequency to antenna resonant frequency
  • Chip can be forced to run with external clock, division ratio 32
  • 100kHz to 150kHz carrier frequency range
  • Direct antenna driving using bridge driver
  • Data transmission by OOK (100% Amplitude Modulation) using bridge driver
  • Multiple transponder protocol compatibility, (Ex.: EM4102, EM4200, EM4450 and EM4205/EM4305)
  • Two sampling points for demodulation, allowing extended system tolerances
  • Serial μ interface for diagnosis and status control
  • Very low sleep mode current consumption of 1μA typically
  • USB compatible power supply range
  • -40 to +85°C automotive temperature range
  • Small outline plastic package SO16
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