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EMEVB8500 Evaluation Board

General Description

The EM8500 is a ultra-low power PMU with an integrated DC harvester controller. The EM8500 is able to harvest down to 0.1V and 1µW, with a coldstart down to 0.3V. The integrated PMU is providing a versatile battery and power supply management, including an external DC charging compatible with a USB supply. The EM8500 has a unique dual storage feature allowing an extremely fast start-up in all conditions.

The EMEVB8500 is the entry-level development tool used for the evaluation and prototyping of EM8500 integrated energy harvesting solutions.
The EMEVB8500 consists of a flexible board with various configurations.
It is possible to select the internal or external storage element and to easily connect a harvester, external storage elements and the application.
The user can choose the internal elements (supercap, wake-up button …) or combine with external elements (harvester, dual storage components …)


  • Dual storage selection (internal or external)
  • External harvester connector
  • Expansion header for prototyping and external connection
  • Configurable wake-up line with push-button
  • EM8500 I2C pull-up selection

The development tools come along with the configuration wizard and the configuration software.


EMEVB8500 User Guide (1.15 MB)1.15 MB
EMEVB8500 Quick Start (908.22 KB)908.22 KB
EM8500 wizard (339.39 KB)339.39 KB
EMPB8500 Configurator software User Guide (1.19 MB)1.19 MB
EMPB85xx Configurator software (4.73 MB)4.73 MB
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