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EMDVK8500 Development Kit

General Description

The EM8500 is an ultra-low power PMU with an integrated DC harvester controller. The EM8500 is able to harvest down to 0.1V and 1µW, with a coldstart down to 0.3V. The integrated PMU provides a versatile battery and power supply management, including an external DC charging compatible with a USB supply. The EM8500 has a unique dual storage feature allowing an extremely fast start-up in all conditions.

The EMDVK8500 development kit is a powerful tool for the configuration, evaluation and prototyping of integrated energy harvesting solutions based on EM8500 family of devices.
The development kit includes a full set of measurement tools and offers a complete set of features to characterize your hardware application.
The user can control the kit to measure the voltages around the EM8500 as well as his own application. He can also customize the kit to run his own application.


Hardware Main Features

  • Modular architecture for prototyping and validating your power management enabled application
  • Flexible load and harvester source selection
  • Ready to measure nodes for lab equipment (oscilloscope, power analyzer …)
  • Up to eight high speed acquisition channels
  • Expansion header for application prototyping
  • Example application board
  • On-board EM8500 configuration tool
  • Self powered by USB

Software Main Features

  • Plug-and-Play environment
  • EM8500 Configuration management
  • Support for SPI and I2C access
  • Advanced real-time voltage profile recording
  • Monitoring and advanced measurement
  • Corner cases emulation (e.g. application start-up …)

The development tools come along with the configuration wizard and the development kit software.



EMDVK8500 Quick Start (1.24 MB)1.24 MB
EMDVK8500 User Guide (3.11 MB)3.11 MB
Development Environment software (11.91 MB)11.91 MB
EM8500 wizard (339.39 KB)339.39 KB
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