Optoelectronics- Optoelectronics

Customized opto-sensors for high performances applications

General Description

Computer Interface Products

EM supplies a very high percentage of optical elements for mice for the entire world, being the highest-quality and one of the highest-volume suppliers in that market. Since the mid '90s, EM Microelectronic has constantly supplied the mice market with innovative low-cost, mass-produced products.

"Smart-Sensor" Products

The wide variety of optoelectronic IC developments have established EM Microelectelectronic as a world leader in this area of photons-to-information integrated circuitry. We embed complex signal processing into the pixel elements or onto the same IC as the photosensor in order to achieve the optimal cost/performance tradeoff.

The EM team contains the required system-level expertise to develop a custom photo-processor for your application. We perform the system analysis and application-simulation, specifications, detailed design, verification, fabrication, packaging, evaluation, and test development that gives you the complete solution to your application.

Packages & Modules

A key challenge in cost-effective optical ICs is providing the right package solution at the right price. EM Microelectronic provides a wide variety of standard optical package options; plus low-cost optical-chip-on-board (OCOB) as well as other custom package solutions, including optical chip-scale packages.

EM Microelectronic's staff also has created a wide variety of high-volume modules that include optical elements as well as electronic components into a single cost-effective solution. EM can be a one-stop shop for your entire module, with the full range of design support, from the optical design expertise to the mechanical packaging expertise necessary for low-cost high-volume applications.


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