EM4237SLIC/SLIX- NFC & High Frequency ICs

1k-bit (SLIC) / 2k-bit (SLIX) R/W Memory ISO/IEC 15693 Standard Compliant Device - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM4237SLIC/SLIX is a long range passive CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in applications requiring a contactless read/write memory and offering optionally a certain level of security based on a 32-bit password authentication.

The SLIC 1k-bit / SLIX 2k-bit R/W NV memory are organized in 32/64 blocks of 4-bytes. The EM4237SLIC/SLIX offers a high level of flexibility in terms of memory management and access conditions. A memory block can be read/write protected and/or locked separately.
This latest generation of NV memory offers data retention of 60-years enabling solutions for long-term asset management applications.

Chip application privacy and NV memory access conditions are optionally protected by a 32-bit password, good trade-off for most part of anti-theft applications. To ensure a good level of privacy, the chip can be personalized to remain silent to any command received from the RFID interrogator or be programmed to return a random ID number value.

The EM4237SLIC/SLIX features are enriched with a Smart Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) mainly used in library applications. The EAS is configurable and programmable providing the maximum of efficiency and optionally protected by the IC password.

The IC supports all the ISO/IEC 15963-3 mandatory commands and many of the optional commands. The chip command set is completed by custom commands providing a higher degree of differentiation in terms of security, flexibility and data protection.



  • Library management
  • Access Control
  • Industrial laundries
  • Ticketing
  • Casino and Gaming
  • Supply Chain Management


  • ISO/IEC15693 & ISO/IEC18000-3 long range, low power vicinity transponder IC
  • 1024-bit / 2048-bit user’s free data memory
  • Security features based on a 32-bit password
  • Optional Random ID for enhanced security and privacy
  • Advanced Privacy mechanism
  • Smart EAS for library management systems
  • Password protected EAS and AFI
  • Destroy function to deactivate the chip forever
  • 53kbps baud rate for read multiple block command
  • On-chip and accurate resonant capacitor: 23.5pF
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