EM4237- NFC & High Frequency ICs

Read/Write Memory Secure ISO/IEC 15693 Standard Compliant Device

General Description

The EM4237 is an ISO/IEC 15693 compliant, long range passive contactless tag IC. It provides a 2k bit EEPROM memory with security mechanisms based on Grain 128A crypto algorithm. The memory access conditions are protected by a 3 pass mutual authentication process.

This is the 1st ISO/IEC 15693 compliant device offering an optional full encryption of the RF communication channel (called Secure Messaging), an optional MAC (Message Authentication Code) and an optional Random ID Number.

Each EM4237 device is programmed with a unique 64-bit ID number. To enhance the product authentication, a 32-byte ECC based certificate is contained in the IC memory. This digital signature is calculated using the chip UID number, a public and private secret key. By reading the UID number and the 32-byte certificate and by knowing the public key, the reader can attest with a strong level of confidence that it is a genuine product.

The EM4237 is available in wafer form with a thickness of 75um enabling the possibility to have ultra-thin tickets and tags.

The device is also available in a small dimensions DFN package allowing tag miniaturisation.


  • Product Authentication
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Jewellery and luxury goods
  • Cards and secure documents
  • Healthcare
  • Bluetooth or WIFI Pairing
  • Ticketing
  • Asset tagging
  • Tax stamps
  • Supply Chain Management


  • ISO/IEC 15693 & ISO/IEC18000-3 standard compliant
  • Long range, low power vicinity transponder IC
  • Optional Random ID for enhanced security and privacy
  • Secure Customer Privacy feature
  • 60 years memory data retention
  • On-chip resonant capacitor: 23.5pF
  • Wafer delivery: 8 inch wafer, 150µm thickness
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