em | linq (EM4332)- NFC & High Frequency ICs

Scalable, high-performance NFC Web Authentication

General Description

The em|linq is targeting authentication application, compliant with NFC Forum Type 2 and ISO 14443-A. 
3 Main security elements: UID, One Time Password and Token. 
Generation of URL for web authentication with message substitution. The em|linq supports NFC Forum Tag 2 Type standard with data rate at 106kbps. 
The memory offers R/W user’s memory structured by segments and memory pages.  
The memory contains the NFC capability container, the NDEF message and other proprietary data. 
The NDEF message can be composed of preprogramed URL and IC automatically inserts UID value, state of random step forward value and secure it with HOTP hash generated using a 256-bit key. The em|linq offers two levels of security:  

  • In high level mode the Secure mode is protected by Authentication with 256-bit key. 
  • In low level mode the Secure mode is protected by a 4-byte password.  Each em|linq chip is delivered with a unique 7-byte ID number programmed at wafer level. 

NFC Forum and the NFC Forum logo are trademarks of the Near Field Communication Forum.


  •  Product authentication

  •  Customer engagement, coupon, loyalty programs

  •  Proof of presence


  • NFC Forum Type 2 compatible
  • Communication baud rates at 106kbps Ɩ 7-byte unique ID number  
  • Automatic append of UID, token and crypto signature into the NDEF URL.
  • New and unique URL generated at each tap.

NFC interface 

  • NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant
  • Communication baud rates at 106kbps
  • 7-byte unique ID number  
  • 50pF resonance capacitor


  • EEPROM size of 308 Bytes 
  • Minimum 100k write cycles endurance
  • Minimum 10 years data retention 
  • Anti-tearing features
  • RD/WR protection mechanism 


  • One Time Password (HOTP)
    • Keyed-hash  Message Authentication Code SHA-1  
    • Calculated from random forward value and UID
  • 256-bit secret key
  • Secure mode
    • Protecting defined part of memory against write
    • Login with password 32b
    • Login with HMAC  
  • Secure product life cycle management. 
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