EM6607- Multi I/O

Ultra-low power MCU with 4 high drive outputs - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM6607 is a single chip low power, mask programmed CMOS 4-bit microcontroller. It contains ROM, RAM, watchdog timer, oscillation detection circuit, combined timer / event counter, prescaler, voltage level detector and a number of clock functions. Its low voltage and low power operation make it the most suitable controller for battery, stand alone and mobile equipment. The EM6607 microcontroller is manufactured using EM's Advanced Low Power CMOS Process.

In 24 Pin package it is a direct replacement for EM6603.


  • sensor interfaces
  • domestic appliances
  • clocks
  • security systems
  • bicycle computers
  • automotive controls
  • TV & audio remote controls
  • measurement equipment
  • R/F and IR. control
  • motor driving

Emulator Bug
The instructions NAND, NANDS, NANDX, NANDXS do not work on the emulator.
They are working correctly on simulator and chip.
Valid for all members of the 4-bit microcontroller family.

Demo Program
Example program on EM microcontroller peripherals


  • Low Power typ. 1.8uA (active), 0.5uA (standby), 0.1uA (sleep)
  • Low Voltage 1.2V to 3.6V
  • ROM 2k × 16 (Mask Programmed)
  • RAM 96 × 4 (User Read/Write)
  • 2 clocks per instruction cycle
  • RISC architecture
  • 5 software configurable 4-bit ports
  • 1 High drive output port
  • Up to 20 inputs (5 ports)
  • Up to 16 outputs (4 ports)
  • Buzzer three tone
  • Serial Write buffer (SWB)
  • Supply Voltage level detection (SVLD).
  • Analogue and timer watchdog
  • 8 bit timer / event counter
  • Internal interrupt sources (timer, event counter, prescaler)
  • External interrupt sources (port A + port C)
Example program on EM microcontroller peripherals (148.5 KB)148.5 KB
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