EM6580- Multi I/O, Flash-based MCU

Cost effective and compact flash MCU in SO-8/14 package - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM6580 is a low power Flash 4-bit microcontroller coming in a small 8-pin SO package and working up to 0.4 MIPS. It comes with an integrated 4-bit ADC and 2 high drive outputs of 10 mA and it requires no external component. It has a sleep counter reset allowing automatic wake-up from sleep mode. It is designed for use in battery-operated and field-powered applications requiring an extended lifetime. A high integration level make it an ideal choice for cost sensitive applications. The EM6580 contains the equivalent of 8 kB of Flash memory and a RC oscillator with frequencies between 32 to 800 kHz. It also has a power-on reset, watchdog timer, 10 bit up/down counter, PWM and several clock functions. Development tools include windows-based simulator program debugger, assembler and real time emulator.


  • True Low Power:
    • 5.8 µA active mode
    • 3.3 µA standby mode
    • 0.32 µA sleep mode
  • Large Supply Voltage 2.3 V to 5.5 V
  • No external component needed
  • Available in SO-8/14 packages and die
  • 4-bit ADC or 12 levels Supply Voltage Level Detector (SVLD)
  • Unique ID code of 52bits + 16bits CRC
  • Max 4 (5*) outputs with 2 high drive outputs of 10mA
  • Max. 5 (6*) inputs
  • Sleep Counter Reset (automatic wake-up from sleep mode (EM patent))
  • Flash memory 4096 x 16 bits
  • RAM 80 x 4 bits
  • Internal RC oscillator 32kHz – 800kHz
  • 2 clocks per instruction cycle
  • 72 basic instructions
  • External CPU clock source possible
  • Watchdog timer (2 sec)
  • Power-On-Reset with Power-Check on start-up
  • 3 wire serial port , 8 bit, master and slave mode
  • Universal 10-bit counter, PWM, event counter
  • Prescaler down to 1 Hz (freq. = 32kHz)
  • Frequency output 1Hz,  2048 Hz, CPUClk, PWM
  • 6 internal interrupt sources ( 2x10-bit counter, 2x prescaler, SVLD, Serial Interface)
  • 2 external interrupt sources (port A)
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