EMS6500- Microcontroller Tools & Support

4-bit MCU development system (Emmon), 4-bit simulators and binder including 4-bit core description and instruction set - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM66xx microcontroller development system is a set of software and hardware tools used for the development of applications for the EM66xx family of 4 bit microcontrollers from EM Microelectronic.

The development system software offers a complete integrated working environment allowing project definition, editing, assembly, software simulation and connection to an universal in-circuit emulator for in-circuit testing.



EMSD6500 binder (1011.62 KB)1011.62 KB

Communication troubles related to EM dev. tools
The communication between the PC and our development tools can be disturbed if the following conditions are met:
Windows 95 & Internet Explorer 5.0 & Emmon (EM's dev. Tools).
For all others conditions, no known problems were detected up to now.

Error with source file on EMMON Version 4.x
Error message when editing an existing source file or creating a new source file on EMMON Version 4.1 and 4.2.


Opening an existing source file by Menu File (Open) ---> "Format Error : "

Creating a new source file by Menu File (New) ---> "Runtime Error 7, out of memory"

In such case, please download this executable file (220kB) to fix the problem (Microsoft correction) and run the executable on the target system.

EM Microcontroller Development System (EMMON) (28.59 MB)28.59 MB
Problem fix .exe file (219.72 KB)219.72 KB
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