EME6600- Microcontroller Tools & Support

In-circuit emulator 4-bit - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The emulator allows to emulate a type of chip. It is connected to PC through a RS232 cable and it use the 4-bit Microcontroller Development System to displayed the different windows for controlling the run of the program.



EME66xx Hardware (400.3 KB)400.3 KB

Buzzer on the emulator EM6621/22/25/26 and EM6821
The Emulator Buzzer output connector pin (nbr 21) does only pull high and its tristate function is not correctly implemented.
Correction: New emulators dated march/2000 and up are ok. The old emulators need to be send back to EM for correction, or EM should send a corrected FPGA setup EEPROM.

Frequency output on the emulator EM6620
For emulator up to release 24, the register OPTFSelPB (add 7BH) is inverted!
Contact us for the new release with the problem corrected.

Emulator Bug
The instructions NAND, NANDS, NANDX, NANDXS do not work on the emulator.
They are working correctly on simulator and chip.
Valid for all members of the 4-bit microcontroller family.

Communication troubles related to EM dev. tools
The communication between the PC and our development tools can be disturbed if the following conditions are met:

  • Windows 95 & Internet Explorer 5.0 & Emmon (EM's dev. Tools).
  • For all others conditions, no known problems were detected up to now.