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Demo board for 4-bit MCU

General Description

The demo board shows the capability of the EM65xx chip. It can be reprogrammed with the EMPB6500 programmer (ISP mode). The "In Circuit Programming Cable" EMPC65 has to be used when a cable longer than 20cm is needed.
It's also possible to use the ELNEC smartprog universal programmer for programming.

EM6580 is only programmable by the ELNEC smartprog.

EMDB65xx existing references:
EMDB6503 (used for EM6607 software development)
EMDB6521 (used for EM6625 or EM6821 software development)
EMDB6522 (used for EM6626 software development)

LCD are present only on the EMDB652x series.

A dedicated user's area is situated on the upper left side of the PCB to start to built up the first prototype boards.



EMDB65xx Manual (976.38 KB)976.38 KB
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