EM6627- With LCD Driver

The EM6627 is an ultra-low power, low voltage microcontroller. - Display Technology

General Description

The EM6627 is an ultra-low power, low voltage microcontroller with an integrated static drive or 3/4 MUX x 20 segments LCD driver and the equivalent of 8kB program memory. It features temperature compensated LCD voltage levels, and built-in LCD voltage multiplier. It also has a melody generator, an 8x8 EEPROM and PWM function. Tools include windows-based simulator. The EM6522 programmable part can be used for must functions during program development.

Due to its very low current consumption, the EM6627 is ideal for use in battery-operated and field-powered applications.


  • Household appliance
  • Timer / sports timing devices
  • Medical devices
  • Interactive system with display
  • Measurement equipment
  • Bicycle computers
  • Safety and security devices


  • True Low Power
  • 0.75 µA standby mode, LCD Off
  • 0.1 µA sleep mode
  • @ 3 V, 32 KHz, 25°C
  • Low Supply Voltage 1.2 V to 3.6 V
  • Melody, 7 tones + silence inclusive 4-bit timer
  • Universal 10-bit counter, PWM, event counter
  • LCD 20 segments, static drive, 3 or 4 times multiplexed
  • Temperature compensated LCD voltage levels
  • Built-in LCD voltage multipliers
  • RC Oscillator 512kHz
  • 72 basic instructions
  • 2 clocks per instruction cycle
  • EM6627 Mask programmable Version 4kx16 bits
  • RAM 128 x 4 bits
  • EEPROM 8x8 bit
  • Max. 12 inputs; port A, port B, port SP
  • Max. 8 outputs; port B, port SP
  • Voltage Level Detector (VLD), 2 levels
  • Prescaler down to 1 second
  • 3 wire serial port, 8 bit, master and slave mode
  • 5 external interrupts (port A, serial interface)
  • 8 internal interrupts (3x prescaler, 2x10-bit counter, melody timer, serial interface, EEPROM)
  • timer watchdog
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