V6118- LCD Controllers & Drivers

Mux LCD Driver (for new designs, EM recommends using EM6127) - Ultra-Low Power

Monochrome STN Segments

General Description

The V6118 is a universal low multiplex LCD driver. The version V6118 V4 drives four ways multiplex (four blackplanes) LCD. The display refresh is handled on chip via a 40x8bit RAM which holds the LCD content driven by the driver. LCD pixels (or segments) are addressed on a one-to-one basis with the 40x8bit RAM (a set bit corresponds to an activated LCD pixel). The V6118 has very low dynamic current consumption, 150/m/A (max), making it particularly attractive for portable and battery powered applications. The wide operating range on both the logic (VDD) and the LCD (VLCD) supply voltages offers greater application flexibility. The LCD bias generation is internal. The voltage bias levels can also be provided externally for applications having large pixels sizes. The V6118 can be used as a column-only driver for cascading in large display applications. In the column-only mode, 40 column outputs available to address the display. A BLANK function is provided to blank the LCD, useful at power-up to hold the display blank until the microprocessor has updated the display RAM.


  • Balances and scales
  • Automotive displays
  • Utility meters
  • Large displays (public information panels etc.)
  • Pagers
  • Portable, batter-operated products
  • Telephones


  • V6118 V4 is 4 way multiplex with 4 rows and 36 columns
  • Low dynamic current,150mA (max)
  • Low standby current,1mA (max) at 25°C
  • Voltage bias and mux signal generation on chip
  • Display refresh on chip, 40x8 RAM for display storage
  • Display RAM addressable as 8, 40 bit words
  • Column-only driver mode to have 40 column outputs
  • Cross-free cascadable for large LCD applications
  • Separate logic and LCD supply voltage pins
  • Wide power supply range, VDD:2 to 6V, VLCD:2 to 8V
  • BLANK function for LCD blanking on power-up etc.
  • Voltage bias inputs for applications with large pixel sizes
  • Bit mapped
  • Serial input/output
  • Very low external component count
  • -40°C to +85°C temperature range
  • No busy states
  • LCD updating synchronized to the LCD refresh signal
  • QFP52 and CHIP form in waffle pack
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