em | aura-C (EM4227)- EPC and UHF ICs

RAIN RFID Crypto Transponder IC

General Description

em|aura-C is a UHF RFID crypto transponder IC compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-63 (formerly ISO/IEC 18000 6 Type C) and EPCTM Generation-2 Version 2 (Gen2 V2), also known as RAIN RFID.

em|aura-C incorporates AES-128 and Grain-128A Crypto Suites (CS) defined by ISO/IEC 29167. The AES 128 CS provides security services for Tag authentication, interrogator authentication, mutual authentication and data exchange during authentication including key update. The Grain-128A CS provides security services for Tag authentication, mutual authentication, data exchange during authentication including key update and authenticated communication.

em|aura-C implements superior security features against man-in-the-middle, harvesting, and cloning attacks, therefore preventing the use of fake tags in secure applications. It also includes tamper detection capability for usage in high-security tags as well as a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) meeting the highest US government security standards (NIST SP 800-22 compliant).

These security features enable the usage of em|aura-C based solutions in applications requiring a high level of security at a long range, such as road tolling, border crossing, and protection of high-value items. Its features allow tackling challenges such as cloning of tags, eavesdropping on the tag-reader communication, and impersonation of readers. Only genuine tags and readers can be used in an application, and the ciphertext data intercepted by a spoofing device cannot be used to create fake tags.


  • Access control
  • Product authentication
  • Public transport
  • Event ticketing


  • ISO/IEC 18000-63 compliant
  • ISO/IEC 29167-10 (AES-128) compliant
  • ISO/IEC 29167-13 (Grain-128A) compliant
  • EPCTM Generation-2 Version 2 compliant:
    • Alteration EAS compliant
    • Tag Alteration (Authenticate) compliant
    • Tag Alteration (Challenge) compliant
  • NIST SP 800-22 compliant
  • User configurable Cryptographic Suites (CS):
    • Enable AES-128 and/or Grain-128A
    • Assignment of keys to CS and key privileges
  • High performance 3072-bit non-volatile memory:
    • Endurance of 100,000 cycles
    • Retention of 10 years @ 70ºC, 30 years @ 55°C
    • BlockWrite operation for 1 to 8 words
  • 32-bit Access and Kill passwords
  • XTID with 48-bit serialization
  • 416 bits for UII/EPC encoding
  • User configurable memory options:
    • 6 crypto keys and 1280 bits of User memory
    • 2 crypto keys and 1792 bits of User memory
    • User Memory segments for public/private profiles
  • Optional tamper detection via continuity loop
  • Optional secure counter mode operation
  • Read sensitivity up to -18.5dBm with dipole antenna
  • Crypto sensitivity up to -18dBm with dipole antenna
  • Write sensitivity up to -15.5dBm with dipole antenna
  • Available in DFN package or bumped wafers
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