Electronic Modules- Custom Modules

Custom, miniaturized electronic subsystems

EM provides groundbreaking solutions for energy harvesting and power management modules.
Our solar and thermo-electric generator technologies enable devices to be powered by the ambient light or temperature, ideal for Green IoT deployments.
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EM is a leading manufacturer of modules for measuring temperature.
One popular wireless module monitors human body temperature.
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EM offers a full range of versatile, ultra-low power, long life beacons.
The beacon can be equipped with various sensors such as accelerometer, gyro or temperature.
EM beacons support all common protocols such as iBeacon, Eddystone and Quuppa and are easily configurable via an App.

The ruggedized, wearable EM beacon pod can monitor advanced sports metrics.
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EM beacons can be used for social distancing enforcement, by triggering an alarm when two beacons get too close to each other.
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EM beacons are used for Electronic Article Surveillance and advanced consumer shopping experience, by triggering totally immersive activities when interacting with the product.
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EM beacons for asset tracking are mounted on the device for location and usage monitoring purposes. Our RAIN RFID and NFC technologies complement the BLE for a seamless integration with other infrastructures.
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EM modules support Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing deployments.
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EM sensing and connectivity technologies are bundled together into smart devices for the factory floor, monitoring numerous physical parameters for predictive maintenance.
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EM technology supports Smart Agriculture deployments, monitoring environmental conditions and optimizing watering and growth of plants.
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General Description

EM produces customer specific cost-optimized and miniaturized electronic subsystems (electronic modules), for a diverse range of applications.

From a product idea, EM will design a solution together with the customer using all relevant technologies.

EM designs, industrializes and manufactures the electronic modules in high volume.

If you want a customised solution, please contact us.