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2022-09-08 | News
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Marin, Switzerland, 25 September 2023 – We are pleased to announce the release EM's Sustainability Report 2022.

Our third edition expands our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performances and commitments, through accountability and transparency. We will gather and assess the feedback from our stakeholders to keep moving forward on our sustainability journey.

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022 

Marin, Switzerland, 9 September 2022 – We are pleased to announce the release EM's Sustainability Report 2021.

Our first edition allowed us to better understand where we are standing, from a sustainability perspective, and helped us to move forward. For our second edition, we are strengthening our sustainability reporting by referencing GRI Standards, which allow us to share the impacts of our material topics in a transparent and standardized manner.

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021 

Marin, Switzerland, 15 July 2021 – We are pleased to announce the release of the EM 2020 Sustainability Report.

This first publication shall inaugurate a discussion platform for interacting with all our partners as part of a collective effort for Planet Earth. We look forward to constructive discussions leading to improvements we can drive together in this space.

We will monitor the progress and update the Sustainability Report on a regular basis, in line with our commitment to addressing this important challenge.

Sustainability Report 2020 

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