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Sales Conditions (General Terms of Sales)

Returns Policy

Quality Policy

  • EM's aim is the total satisfaction of Customers' needs.
  • Management fixes the goals and supports the actions of quality improvement.
  • Quality is everyone's job.
  • Our goal is zero defects through preventive actions.
  • We do it right the first time.
  • Quality is what improves the bottom line of all business partners.

Information Security Policy
EM is committed to protect its corporate information as well as all information it receives from its customers so that all parties in the value chain can sustain their competiveness.  EM desires to be highly rated by society through taking appropriate measures against information leak risks, by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Risk Management Policy
EM's Risk Management is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the Company and the relationship of its business partners.

EM's Risk Management covering all areas of the company is fully integrated into the operational processes, monitored and controlled by each process owner through multiple direct and indirect indicators. Internal and external audits are performed on specific risk areas. Management promotes and sustains preventive measures with reasonable effort/return ratio.

Social Policy
EM is aware that its performance depends heavily on the quality and the commitment of its personnel. EM is fully aware that it needs motivated and outstanding personnel and that in return, it must offer them social dispositions in recognition of their commitment. In addition, EM complies with international labour conventions, such as forced labour, union freedom, discrimination at work and child labour. EM expects its suppliers and subcontractors to support EM's commitment to social and environmental responsibility by adopting and implementing the EM Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Principles of Conduct.

Environment and Health & Safety Policy
EM is committed to complying with all applicable regulatory requirements and implement programs and processes to exceed regulatory requirements where appropriate. We actively work to develop rules, procedures, and innovative programs that provide safeguards for the workplace and the environment while providing flexibility to meet the needs of our business.

We are committed to the rational use of natural resources and the reduction of the environmental burden. We seek continuous improvement by minimizing the energy consumption and waste generation.

We are proactively working towards a safe, efficient workplace, free of occupational injury and illness. We emphasize the individual responsibility for safety of all employees and at all levels of management. We expect employees to report potential safety and environmental hazards and issues, and be involved in finding solutions.

We establish and maintain appropriate controls, including periodic review, and communication to ensure that this policy is followed. We are open with the authorities and customers regarding Environment and Health & Safety.