Package & Delivery Forms

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Unsawn Wafer
Unsawn wafer with or without Bumps 
The RFID chips can be delivered as unsawn wafers. Depending on the manufacturing process of the transponder supplier we can add optional gold bumps to facilitate the assembly.

Sawn Wafer
Sawn wafer with or without gold bumps 
Our RFID chips can be delivered on blue foil (sawn wafers). These wafers can optionally have gold bumps to facilitate the assembly of the transponders.
Furthermore we offer the customer the possibility to have various wafer thicknesses.

RFID Packages

Dual frame plastic package 
Dual frame plastic package for low cost RFID applications.

CID pack
Package for RFID IC's
To facilitate the fabrication of transponders and especially of ISO cards EM Microelectronic Marin has developed a tiny package for its RFID chips. Furthermore the package allows to fabricate more robust cards.
The CIDpack can be delivered on tape or in bags.

Small PCB with RFID chip and optional capacitor 
In order to facilitate the fabrication of transponders EM Microelectronic Marin sells also it's RFID chips mounted on a PCB. All our RFID chips have on-chip capacitors and only a coil is needed to fabricate a transponder. Reading distance can be boosted by adding an additional capacitor.
All PCB information can be found in the respective datasheets of EM RFID products.
EM Microelectronic Marin offers also customized solutions in this area.