An on-demand fusion of technologies for tailor-made solutions

EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra-low power, low voltage integrated circuits (IC) for battery-operated and field-powered applications across diverse consumer and automotive industries. EM Microelectronic goes beyond standard and application-specific ICs (ASIC), offering system solutions and modules for applications such as: access control; radio frequency identification; mobile phones; mass-market consumer appliances; alarm and security systems; utility and heating meters; sensor signal processing; controlling; car immobilization; electronic automotive subsystems; and much more.

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Chip Production

One of three complementary Swatch Group companies with a common vision.

At the heart of a global powerhouse in low power consumption, miniaturization and time accuracy.

Along with Renata and Micro Crystal EM makes up the Electronic Systems Segment of the Swatch Group. Merging individual expertise and synergies together, these four companies provide complete solutions for diversified applications encompassing specific electronic products, components, systems, and services. Through a common vision, Swatch Group’s ES Segment is a global powerhouse in low power consumption, miniaturization and time accuracy.


True energy management that lasts a lifetime

Low-power management and energy performance is at the heart of every integrated circuit design

Mastering energy consumption is the heart of EM Microelectronic solutions development. The challenge to optimize, transform, and increase energy autonomy form the core of EM pursuits. As the industry forerunner in low energy power and consumption, we value every breakthrough achieved today as a building-block towards creating the perfect framework for energy management in the future.

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Embleming Swiss Values

From R&D to high volume production

EM Microelectronic merges its extensive talents and resources under a single roof towards developing and industrializing customized ICs and components. Absolute experience, state-of-the-art technology, and integrated facilities allow us to easily facilitate and expedite the development of cost-effective, fully customized ASIC solutions.

A culture of precision and foremost quality

Drawing from deeply-rooted Swiss values and traditions, EM Microelectronic embodies a high-quality, high-precision culture providing unmatched manu-facturing standards to our customers. Through resonating qualities such as meticulous precision, intensive energy and focus, high regard for innovation, organization, and respect for humanity and the environment, we aim to instill a global culture of excellence throughout our entire organization. We are fully dedicated to time-honored Swiss traditions and processes in our relentless pursuit to achieve cutting-edge products and consummate customer loyalty.