EM Microelectronic’s em|echo breaks new ground as the world’s first EPC Gen2v2-certified product

2018-03-14 | Press Release
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Marin, Switzerland, 14 March 2018 – EM Microelectronic, the ultra-low-power semiconductor company of the Swatch Group, and a leading technology provider for connected objects, today announced that its flagship RAINFC product em|echo is the first product to achieve EPC Gen2v2 certification worldwide.

The EPC Gen2v2 standard integrates the latest security and privacy features, addressing the challenges of today’s connected world and the pervasiveness of RFID communication. The increasing consumer awareness about the sensitivity of their data and exposure to tracking is driving a growing demand for RFID installations to guarantee their privacy. Following of a collective industry effort to standardize these functionalities, the EPC Gen2v2 certification provides the brands and retailers a complete toolbox for achieving this goal.

EM has been a pioneer in the UHF RFID space, better known today as RAIN RFID, leading the world’s first massive deployments in retail. Leveraging this signature Swiss technology-pioneering spirit, em|echo moves the bar higher, by blending the powerful traceability features of RAIN into the convenient NFC consumer interaction to yield RAINFC.

This groundbreaking EPC Gen2v2 certification is one more step in this journey towards Augmented RFID, a new reality in which objects become smarter and interact not only amongst them, but also directly with the user and their environment, thanks to a wide array of sensing capabilities.

Further information about the EPC Gen2v2 certification is available here:

EPC Gen2v2

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