EM5060- Timing & Clock Circuits

Low voltage CMOS driver circuit for motor, bus and LED driver. - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EM5060 (previously named H5060) is a low power integrated circuit in HCMOS Silicon Gate Technology designed to drive bipolar or unipolar stepping motors. This device contains four identical and independent non-inverting circuits which can be connected by metal mask programming so as to obtain two identical non-inverting circuits with a lower resistance output. Each buffer is driven by a special cell which dephases the P and N transistor signal input, for a minimization of the transversal transition current. A tristate input HIZ, with internal pulldown resistor provides the high impedance state of the four outputs.


  • Motor Driver for watch/clock application
  • Bus drivers
  • LED driver

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  • 32kHz quartz oscillator
  • Integrated capacitors, mask selectable
  • Single battery operation
  • 0.7 uA typical current consumption
  • Low resistance outputs for bipolar stepping motor
  • Mask options for pad designation, motor period and pulse width, alarm frequency, modulation and duty cycle
  • Alarm output function compatible with either NPN or PNP-driver transistors
  • Alarm input function
  • 1024Hz output on ALIN pad for oscillator frequency verification
  • Fast test function
  • ESD protected terminals
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