EM9201- Proprietary Protocols

World’s First Fully Integrated Single-Cell Battery 2.4GHz Transceiver

General Description

EM9201 is a low-voltage 2.4GHz transceiver IC with built-in link-layer logic suitable for proprietary wireless links in the 2.400 … 2.4835 GHz ISM band.

EM9201 features a radio core with a low-IF architecture and GFSK modulation scheme being compliant with popular low energy RF standard.

Control of the link-layer logic is possible though a standard SPI interface. To achieve this, an external host-controller MCU is required.

EM9201 includes a special mode called bridge, which allows direct control of the RF interface and which can be used to emulated any proprietary protocol, employing an external FPGA,

EM9201 can operate from a 3 V battery or any other source of power such as any external LDO regulator.


  • Remote sensing in general
  • Wireless mice, keyboards etc.
  • Wireless sensors in watches
  • Wireless sports equipment
  • Alarm and security systems


  • Wide operating voltage range from 1.9V to 3.6V.
  • Suitable for Lithium battery.
  • Low Energy-compliant GFSK modulation
  • Low drift of PLL frequency by design
  • 1Mb/s On air data rate
  • Programmable RF output level: -18 dBm …+ 3dBm in 8 steps
  • No antenna matching elements needed through appropriate PCB antenna design :
  • 200Ω differential impedance of antenna port
  • Low-cost 26MHz Xtal, frequency tolerance +/-30ppm
  • BLD function: battery level detection in accordance with selected battery
  • Current consumption (VCC2 = 2.5V)
    • 14 mA in RX
    • 14 mA in TX (0dBm output power)
    • 0.8 μ in power-down mode
  • MLF24 4x4 package
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