NF4- NFC & High Frequency ICs

Dual interface NFC Forum Type 4 tag IC

General Description

The NF4 chip is an NFC Forum Type 4 dual interface tag IC. It is intended for use in applications requiring a dual communication interface, contact and contactless, read/write memory with optionally security features to protect data privacy and integrity.

The contactless interface is based on ISO/IEC14443 standard Type A. The chip supports all protocol layers. The robust and sensitive contactless interface permits complete transactions at minimum operating field strength of 0.7A/m. The NFC reader device can select any communication data rates from 106k bps up to 848k bps.
The 2-wires serial contact interface is composed by a bi-directional IO data line and a slave clock (1 clock per bit). 
The chip security features are based on AES-128 cryptography. In order to enforce the confidentiality level of the data exchanged between the reader and the NF4 chip, the contactless communication can be optionally encrypted including also a Message Authentication Code (MAC). The chip maximizes flexibility in terms of access conditions to memory data. 
The IC supports all the ISO/IEC14443 -3/-4 commands and a transport layer based on an optimized ISO/IEC 7816-4 command set. 
Each NF4 chip has a 7 byte unique serial number, programmed at wafer level, which guaranties the uniqueness of each device. 
An optional Random ID feature according to ISO/IEC14443-3 can be enabled in the application or during the product personalization.
In case of a passive application, without battery assistance, the NF4 chip offers energy harvesting capabilities in order to power supply an external device like a microcontroller or a digital sensor.


  • Healthcare market segments
  • NFC pairing
  • Smart and Secure metering
  • Product personalization and diagnostic tool
  • Smart Sensors – Data logger
  • NFC tags with large memory capabilities
  • Consumer
  • Home appliance
  • Automation, Industrial


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  • NFC Forum Type 4 compliant tag IC
  • Supports ISO/IEC14443 Type A
  • RF data rates from 106kbps up to 848kbps
  • 8kB, 32kB or 64kB user’s data NVM memory
  • 7 Byte Unique Identifier number (UID)
  • Optional Random ID to enhance security and product privacy
  • Chip security based on AES-128 crypto algorithm
  • Optional Secure Messaging (SM). Encryption of the RF communication channel
  • Optional Message Authentication Code (MAC)
  • 2-wires serial interface (clock and data).
  • Serial interface data rates up to 1MHz
  • RF Busy line indicating presence of an on-going contactless communication
  • RF field detector available on VPOS
  • Energy harvesting capability – extracting energy from the electromagnetic field (up to 5mA – 3.6V)
  • Possibility to create proprietary application files
  • ISO/IEC7816-4 optimized command set
  • On-chip resonant capacitor: 14pF
  • Optimized resonant frequency of 14.5MHz
  • Minimum operating field strength of 0.7A/m
  • -25°C to +85°C temperature range
  • Available in SO8 package or wafer form


Support & Tools

The EM NF4 Development Board is designed to offer the maximum flexibility to R&D engineers who would like to profit from all the benefits and all the functionalities provided by the NF4 dual interface NFC memory chip.