EM4830- NFC & High Frequency ICs, Smartcard ICs

Dual Interface, Contact and Contactless Flash Smart Card IC

General Description

EM4830 integrated circuit is designed specifically for multi-application cards in access control, transportation and ticketing. It offers dual multiprotocol interfaces to support the largest range of applications, thus combining contact and contact-less interface technologies.

Due to integrated on-chip power switch EM4830 can be powered from contact or contactless interface. In contact power mode, the device can communicate with both interfaces ISO7816 or ISO14443. In contactless mode, the device can provide energy, extracted from the RF field, to external devices like CPUs or sensors.

The FLASH based architecture offers a very high degree of flexibility. A solution based on EM4830 can be rapidly and safely deployed in the field offering a fast time to market. The need to support the emerging multifunction and dual interface cards requires that the device can download an application under software control and run it when the device is in the field embedded in a plastic card. This application can be in the form of a script to be executed by an interpreter or as raw binary code directly executed by the processor.

Compatibility with the industry standard 8051 micro-controller guarantees the maximum availability of qualified software. The hardware implementation of the core is a modern design not relying on microcode, with an increase of up to 4 times that of a standard 8051's clocks per instruction.


  • Public transportation
  • Access control, ticketing, Loyalty programs


Contact Interface

  • Voltage Supply Class A, B: 3V to 5.0V  ±10%
  • ISO 7816-3 compliant electrical interface
  • ISO 7816-3 compliant reset and response T=0 and T=1

Contactless Interface

  • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A / Type B
  • Supported data rates from 106kbs to 847 kbps
  • Minimum activation field down to 0.5 A/m


  • Software compatible CMOS 80X51 industry standard
  • Accelerated architecture
  • Up to 30 MHz internal CPU clock
  • Far pointers extended address space support

Low Power Modes

  • Selectable Idle and Stop modes
  • NVM update operation with CPU in Idle mode
  • IO Transmission and Reception with CPU in Idle mode
  • Max Idle current / Clock stopped: 100 uA


  • Hardware DES/3DES supporting ECB/CBC/MAC modes
  • Hardware Random Number Generator(FIPS140-2 tested)
  • Unique identification number
  • Secure contact, contactless NVM Manager to upload OS


  • Fast memories/peripheral transfers independent of CPU
  • CRC, DES, COMPARE operations over transferred data


  • 2 x Universal 8/16 bits Timers/Counters
  • CRC16 Module ISO3309 and ISO13239 compatible

Memory Control

  • General Purpose Non Volatile Memory (GPNVM)
  • Secure Memory Management Mechanism
  • Fast Byte programming
  • GPNVM Page Smart Erase mechanism


  • 2816B RAM (256B local RAM + 2560B XRAM)
  • 128k GPNVM FLASH User 128 kB
  • GPNVM FLASH System Area 4kB
  • GPNVM FLASH Attribute memory 1056 B
  • 10 years data retention GPNVM
  • GPNVM Endurance > 100 K cycles

Chip Forms

  • 8” Wafer sawn or unsawn
  • SO8 plastic package

Typical Applications

  • Public transportation
  • Access control, ticketing, loyalty programs
  • e-government, closed loop micro-payment


  • Resonant capacitor 14pF
  • Temperature range -25°C to + 85°C
  • >3 kV ESD Protection HBM

Development tools

  • Development tools fully integrated within Keil uVision3/4
  • EMX4830 emulator
  • ISO14443-3/4 Type A&B Low Level Library
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