EMDB6126- LCD Controllers & Drivers

Standalone Demokit based on a EM6126 LCD driver/controller interfaced by a EM6812 microcontroller - Ultra-Low Power

General Description

The EMDB6126 is a standalone demo kit based on Graphic LCD driver/controller EM6126 allowing an easy evaluation of this circuit. An EM6812 microcontroller is used to send, receive commands and data through the I2C or Serial bus.
This demo kit is delivered with pre-programmed firmware on EM6812. The firmware runs several demos to demonstrate the EM6126 performance.
Different configurations can be set by jumpers (I2C address, Serial mode, power supply …. A joystick allows starting and setting up of the demo show.
The EM6126 demo kit contains LCD glass, PCB with an EM6126 and an EM6812.


  • Character / Graphic LCD glass (STN Grey Reflective Positive Mode)
  • 4 axis joystick with push button
  • 3V Lithium battery
  • RTC EM3027 TSSOP8
  • 32 kHz oscillator
  • 5 pin connector for microcontroller programming
  • PCB equipped with EM6812 TSSOP24
  • All Commons and segments are outputted on connector
  • ROHS compliant
EMDB6121 EMDB6126 Demoboard user manual (415.94 KB)415.94 KB
Complete EMDB6126 Demoboard Software Package (184.03 KB)184.03 KB
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