EM6124- LCD Controllers & Drivers

Digitally Programmable 8 to 25 Mux LCD Controller and Driver - Ultra-Low Power

Monochrome STN Dot Matrix

General Description

The EM6124 is a low power CMOS LCD controller and driver. The 8, 16, 20 and 24 way multiplex are digitally programmable by the command byte. One additional line can be added for Icons or Inverted Video by programming 9, 17, 21 or 25 way multiplex. The display refresh is handled on chip by an internal RC oscillator via one selectable 25x116 RAM which holds the LCD content driven by the driver. LCD pixels (or segments) are addressed on a one-to-one basis with the 25x116 bit RAM (a set bit corresponds to an activated LCD pixel). The EM6124 has very low dynamic current consumption, 70/m/A (typ) at VDD=2V, VLCD=7V making it particularly attractive for portable and battery powered products. The wide operating range on supply voltages and temperature offers greater application flexibility. The LCD voltage, bias generation and frame frequency are generated on chip. The clock signal can be used to shift and to latch the data into the RAM.


  • Mobile phones (GSM, DECT)
  • Smart cards
  • Automotive displays
  • Portable, battery operated products
  • Balances and scales, utility meters

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  • Slim IC for chip-on-board, with gold bumps for Chip-On-Glass and Chip-On-Flex technologies
  • Very simple 2-wire interface
  • Digitally programmable multiplex rates: 8x113, 9x112, 16x105, 17x104, 20x101, 21x100, 24x97, 25x96
  • No lost pads while row driver from 8 up to 25
  • On chip: Voltage multiplier, VLCD up to 7V (3 to 6V at 25°C), 64 VLCD digitally programming steps, 4 VLCD temperature compensation factors, bias generation, VON /VOFF generation, frame frequency, display refresh RAM
  • No busy state
  • High noise immunity in inputs
  • No external components needed, except a VLCD capacitor
  • Digitally reversing row & column data
  • Inverting data, Blank, Set functions
  • Checker and Inverted Checker functions
  • Sleep modes
  • Low LCD operating current consumption
  • Wide VDD voltage supply range, 2V to 5V
  • Wide temperature range: -40 to + 85°C
  • Direct display of RAM data through the display data RAM
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