Electronic Modules- Electronic Modules

Customer specific cost optimized and miniaturized electronic subsystems

General Description

EM produces customer specific cost optimized and miniaturized electronic subsystems (electronic modules), for a diverse range of applications including, but not limited to:

  • Telecom modules
  • RFID modules
  • LCD modules
  • Optical modules
  • Avionic modules

From a product idea, EM together with the customer will design a solution using all available and applicable technologies. EM Microelectronic has long lasting experience in with specific, highly integrated assembly techniques of electronic components and LCD displays which include:

  • COB (Chip on Board)
  • COG (Chip on Glass)
  • COF (Chip on Flex)
  • Optical feature (light guide, laser shutter, etc).

EM takes care of the design of all components, the module integration, volume production, assembly and test.

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