EMDB410- RFID Tools & Support


Development & Evaluation Kit for 13.56MHz, EM4294

General Description

The EM4294 RFID Reader is a 13.56MHz proximity Radio Frequency Identification Device reader compliant with the ISO15693 and ISO14443 standards. The reader supports the mandatory, optional, custom and proprietary commands of EM Microelectronic's ISO15693 compliant transponder ICs:

 EM4033 ISO15693 Standard Compliant Contactless Read-Only Identification Device
 EM4133 ISO15693 Standard Compliant Contactless Read-Write Identification Device
 EM4233 CRYPTO ISO15693 Compliant Contactless Identification Device
 EM4006 Read Only Contactless Identification Device
 ISO14443-3 Type A Contactless Transponders
 ISO14443-3 Type B Contactless Transponders

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