EMTG132- Smartcard ICs

132kB Flash 8-bit Smart Card IC

General Description

EMTG132-4 is a member of the Theseus family of devices designed specifically for smart card applications. It is software compatible with the industry standard 8051 micro-controller, to guarantee the maximum availability of qualified software. The hardware implementation of the core is a modern design not relying on microcode, with an increase of up to 4 times on a standard 8051's clocks per instruction.

Security of the family of devices makes them particularly suitable in electronic commerce and sensitive data areas. This is accomplished in hardware, with not only protection against out of parameter operation of the device, but hardware memory management to protect against software security attacks. The CPU clock is derived from its own internal oscillator, so preventing attacks by clock manipulation.

The need to support the emerging multifunction cards requires that the device under software control can download an application and run it when the device is in the field embedded in a plastic card. This application can be in the form of a script to be executed by an interpreter or as a raw binary directly executed by the processor. The device has to be protected against the downloading of attack software designed to corrupt or uncover the working or data contained in the device. Traditionally this has been a software function, which relies on the total integrity of the embedded software. The EMTG132-4 implements the first level of protection in hardware.

A simple and secure memory protection mechanism is relying on a flexible border between code and data space.

The General Purpose Non Volatile Memory concept allows reaching ultra low cost implementation of traditional 64KB EEPROM smart card ICs and more. All your efforts to save code footprint are optimizing your end product performances enlarging data memory.

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