IC Front-End Industrialization Engineer & Team Leader

Location : 2074 Marin, Switzerland
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Job description

Your main tasks will be : 

  • Support the IC Front-end manufacturing organisation to deliver improved operational performance through the optimisation of the MES UI and physical organisation of the manufacturing workspace

  • Provide accurate and up to date parameters for the production planning within IC Frontend and for the supply chain management organisation

  • Provide direct management support for the manufacturing team during periods of absence of the manufacturing manager

  • Implement cycletime improvement actions through the identification of actions at bottlenecks and the management of the WIP so as to optimise the balance between cycletime and manufacturing activity
  • Manage & optimise of the information displayed in the WIP dispatch and the priority setting based on equipment availability and the , the WIP at upstream and downstream processes and the OEE, with priority for the bottleneck equipment

  • Optimise the MES UI for the operators to make it quick, easy and reliable

  • Initiate generation of new reports and their maintenance in BO/BI to support the manufacturing organisation and the supply chain management organisation

  • Provide parameters for the planning of product start and output for the supply chain management organisation

  • Maintain an up to date and accurate capacity planning tool based on process and equipment input parameters

  • Provide regularly updated cycletime parameters for reporting and dispatching and share with the supply chain management organisation

  • Manage the implementation of approved changes to the MES (ECNs)


Moreover you will manage:

  • lots attributes within the MES to ensure correct processing and tracking of the lot status
  • new product creation (with existing workflows) within the MES
  • maskset version management within the MES
  • external implant service
  • management following the 5S principles of the manufacturing workspace :
  • mask management (physical), stocking and archiving
  • workspace ergonomics
  • support of workspace furniture
  • WIP rack and lot storage


  • Degree in a relevant technical or manufacturing field
  • 5+ years of experience in a manufacturing function, ideally in semiconductor industry
  • Proven experience in data extraction, analysis and reporting
  • Management experience in a relevant function

Knowledges in MES, Camstar, SAS JMP (or similar) would be a strong asset. 



Professional requirements


French and English