Failure Analysis Manager

Location : 2074 Marin, Switzerland
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Job description

Responsible of EM MICROELECTRONIC failure analysis activity. Manages EM internal FA lab and interfaces with external FA labs. Develops internal and external FA capabilities to support company needs. Ensures FA knowledge and competency in EM is align to company technologies road-map.

  • Is the key FA interface for process and product development, manufacturing and customers’ complaints.
  • Understands internal/external stakeholders’ analysis needs vs. encountered failure symptom and proposes FA technics with optimized time and cost to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Collaborates with various company engineering teams for root cause analysis and problem solving active resolution.
  • Defines the failure analysis flow of new products according to customers’ expectation
  • Runs independently various semiconductor FA tools and equipment such as; Curve Tracer, optical microscopes, EMMI, OBIRCH, SEM/EDX, FIB, RIE/ICP delayering, mechanical and chemical etching / polishing / delayering.
  • Coordinates, follows-up and validates subcontracted failure analyses.
  • Generates formal FA reports for internal or external company diffusion.
  • Develops sound collaboration and benchmark with external labs and equipment providers. Identifies, evaluates and qualifies new FA technics according to company needs and technologies road-map.
  • Attends relevant conferences and forums.
  • Maintains FA lab infrastructure (equipment maintenance & calibration, manual)
  • Monitors and improves FA performance vs. service expectations
  • Staffs FA team upon need and maintains competencies up to date. 


- MS or PHD in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, or other related semiconductor fields.

- Hands-on experience in FA technics as SAM, X-ray, SEM, EDX, PEM, OBIRCH, FIB TEM, delayering methods, surface analysis methods.

- Knowledge of semiconductor technologies and processes (incl. front-end, preassembly/ assembly processes, understanding of circuitries…).

- Strong knowledge of the FA industry (equipment manufacturers, FA service providers, conferences …).

- Driven, proactive, accountable, ability to work in a multi-functional and multi-cultural team with minimum supervision.

- Ability to work under pressure and able to meet strict deadlines

- Strong interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills, flexibility, team spirit, and positive attitude.

- First proven experience of management

Ability to travel from time to time (FA service provider, equipment suppliers, conferences…)

Professional requirements


English fluent, French is a plus