RFID Tools & Support

Since 1989, EM has specialized in the development, design and production of passive and active RFID circuits and reader ICs. Today, EM is a major player in the worldwide RFID market. EM offers a complete range of standard products and ASICs from 125kHz to UHF devices, suitable for various applications such as Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Tracking & Tracing, Access Control, Security, Library, Laundry, Animal ID, Car Immobilization, Entry RKE and Toll Collection.

Demo kits, containing a reader with external antenna, transponders and Windows-based software are available to engineers who want to test and/or demonstrate new applications.

Part # Description
EMDB408 Development & Evaluation Kit for 13.56MHz, EM4094
EMDB409 Development & Evaluation Kit for 125kHz, EM4095
qID'EM UHF RFID Development kit for EPC Gen2 tags