Multi I/O

Part # Description
EM6503 MFP version of EM6607, ideal for development stage
EM6580 Cost effective and compact flash MCU in SO-8/14 package
EM6607 Ultra-low power MCU with 4 high drive outputs
EM6682 The EM6682 is an ultra-low voltage, low power microcontroller.
EM6812 Ultra low power 8bit Flash Microcontroller. Up to 2.5 MIPS, brownout detection, powercheck functions, fast wake-up from standby
EM6819 Sub-1V (0.6V) 8bit Flash MCU DC-DC Converter, EEPROM
EM6819FX-B300 8bit Flash MCU, 10bit ADC, EEPROM, 5V