EM4124 UHF Gen2 Chip Earns EPCglobal® Interoperability Certification

Wednesday, 13. March 2013

EM Microelectronic, the semiconductor company of the Swatch Group and a world-leading supplier for RFID circuits, announced that EPCglobal®, Inc. has granted Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) Certification to the EM4124, its latest UHF RFID chip, guaranteeing that the EM4124 complies with EPCglobal's Class 1 Generation 2 UHF Air Interface Protocol and therefore interoperates with other “Gen2"-certified devices. Third-party testing firm, MET Laboratories conducted EPCglobal's product interoperability tests on the EM4124 as part of an extensive hardware certification and standards compliance program for RFID chips, tags, readers, and printers.
EM's new Gen2 RFID device achieves world-class typical read sensitivity of -19dBm at chip level, which translates into a typical -21dBm sensitivity at tag level for a dipole-like antenna with 2dBi gain. With such unrivaled performance, the EM4124 currently offers the longest reading distance in its class.
Each device is delivered with a 64-bit manufacturer-programmed and locked unique identifier (TID/UID) to ensure full traceability. Furthermore, 256 bits of non-volatile memory enable the support of ISO and EPC data structures; a 112 bit EPC code, a 32 bit kill password and a 32 bit access password can be programmed by the user.
Through the standards compliance of the EM4124, end users are guaranteed that they will be able to use EM4124-based tags seamlessly around the globe. The presence of a factory-programmed TID, in addition to the usual EPC code further prevents data inconsistencies or tag cloning.


The EM4124 is available as gold-bumped die on back lapped, sawn wafers and is already shipping to several high-volume inlay and tag manufacturers who are leveraging its high read sensitivity into high performance inlays in multiple form factors and configurations. Sample tags are also available on request.

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