Sensor Interfaces

Offering tailored sensor interface devices to match functionality, performance, and power requirements of specific customer sensing element (MEMS-based in many cases) has been a main focus of EM Microelectronic in the sensor segment.

For these products EM combines high-performance, low power analog front ends with digital compute engines on a single IC permitting the customer precision sensor data measurements with flexible algorithm processing. EM sensors use standard CMOS IC fabrication processes and allow cost efficient manufacturing and test.

Specific system and design expertise in the analog and digital domain have allowed EM to provide solution for the following sensor types:

  • Single-chip optical Sensors using LED and Laser illumination with on-chip compute engine.
  • Optical sensors for OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Motion sensor interfaces (accelerometers)
  • Magnetic sensors for precision earth magnetic field measurements (inductive sensing)
  • Pressure sensor interface with high resolution pressure and temperature measurements (piezo-resistive sensing)
  • Humidity sensing function
  • Sensor Fusion for 9-DOF motion sensors (offered as standard product)