IC Production

EM Microelectronics has been established for more than 35 years in the development and production of highly innovative ultra-low power/low voltage products. Since starting in 1972 with its own 4” semiconductor fabrication, EM is today in full operation in its 8” facility in Marin. EM operates its backend processes at Marin and in Thailand. For maximum support of our customers, we also have access to key players in the semiconductor foundry business for frontend and backend production.

EM Microelectronic's products stand out for their innovative and leading edge technologies in real ultra-low power/low voltage applications. The highest reliability and quality excellence are verified in all available technology generations. Each technology platform offers best performance in analog and mixed signal, RF and motion/optical sensing as well as embedded memories having ultra low power consumption and low voltage.

EM is an outstanding provider of ultra-low power/low voltage solutions which has been accomplished by EM’s state-of-the-art backend technologies.