Electronic Modules

EM Microelectronic offers an added service of Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Modules to customers who want to be delivered with their EM integrated circuit already integrated into a customized subsystem.

EM Microelectronic's experience is oriented towards low cost and high volume production, using in-house assembly facility in Thailand and a wide network of assembly subcontractors and component suppliers in Asia.

Complete customized module solutions and service include:

  • Substrate selection
  • Optimized assembly processes (expertise in Chip-On-Board, Chip-On-Flex, Chip-On-Glass…)
  • IC packages format tailored to the module design (bare die, CSP…)
  • System integration (with injection molded parts, smart interconnects…)
  • Focus on miniaturization
  • Dedicated module testers (electrical, optical…)
  • Synergies with IC Back-End and Packaging solutions (high-density manufacturing approaches, dicing, handling, testing, packing… )

EM Microelectronic produces electronics modules for a diverse range of applications:

  • Motion and Optical sensor modules
  • RF communication modules
  • LCD modules
  • Telecom modules
  • Avionic modules
  • Others (on demand)